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Hexo is quite easy to write tests for, but the needed boilerplate code can be a barrier. This packages provides a set of utils to simplify testing Hexo plugins.

Offered features:

  • Sandbox environment
  • high level functions for Hexo internals
  • ECMAScript5 compatibility


npm install hexo-test-utils


The main feature is a Sandbox. It allows to create an isolated environment of Hexo blog. Combined with a fixture, it's easy to prepare all need files, process the blog and assert the output.

To create a Sandbox instance, first you need to create a factory with createSandbox:

const {createSandbox} = require('hexo-test-utils')
const Hexo = require('hexo')
const path = require('path')

const sandbox = createSandbox(Hexo, {
  fixture_folder: path.join(__dirname, '..', 'fixtures'),
  plugins: [
    path.join(__dirname, '..', 'src')

Now, the sandbox is a function which returns a new context - an instance of Hexo blog which is ready for processing.

Using fixture folder

If fixture_folder is set, the factory function accepts one parameter, name of the fixture folder where live all fixture files.

To prepare a fixture with one post, create folder ./fixtures/one-post/source/_posts/ and put the markdown file there.

const context = sandbox('one-post')

At this moment, the Hexo blog is created, but no files are loaded. To start the loading process, call process method.

const {process} = require('hexo-test-utils/core')

process(context).then(() => {
  // Hexo processed the ./fixtures/one-post/ folder as a blog

Now you can start check the behavior of your plugin.

Note: no files were actually saved on the hard drive, all the process happened in memory.

Empty Sandbox

You can skip fixture_folder if you don't need any files to exists, for example when testing a view helper in isolation. The factory function will have no parameters then and the Sandbox will be an empty Hexo project - no posts, no theme, no assets.

You can still use Hexo API to provide fixtures programmatically.


Read API documentation here